About LAFA

The predecessor of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts (LAFA) was the Yanan-based Luxun Arts College (LAC) founded, in 1938, by the pioneering generation of Chinese Revolutionaries including Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai. Mao personally handwrote the Motto of LAC: Strenuousness, Seriousness, Diligence and Modesty¡±. The college was removed to Northeast China in 1945 and evolved to Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in 1958. President Jiang Zemin wrote for LAFA the inscription of ¡°To play up the LAC tradition and to cultivate art talents for the prosperity of socialist cultural undertakings¡±. The historic legacy of LAFA contributes to its cultural richness and leading capacity in education.

With 73 years behind, LAFA has grown into a prestigious higher educational institution of domestic and international leverage featuring intensive teaching capacity, integrated programs, which endows it the leading status among colleges of the same kind. LAFA has under its operation two campuses in the City of Shenyang and the City of Dalian respectively. The Shenyang campus situates in Sanhao Street, an agglomeration of high-tech functions and the city of Shenyang is political, cultural and economic hub in Northeast China. The Dalian campus is located in the fascinating Jinshitan Scenery Spot ¨C a nationally recognized tourist attraction. The campus occupies 464,181 square kilometres. Its 10,887 square meters big library houses 540,000 volumes of books and 3000 pieces of authentic calligraphic and painting works, rubbing inscriptions and relics from different dynasties in Chinese history. Its art gallery and museum totals 23,796.77 square meters in size.

The Shenyang campus is home to 12 departments: Departments of Chinese Paintings, Printmaking, Oil Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Environmental Design, Garment Design and Dyeing, Industrial Products Design, Art History and Theory Studies, Culture Communication, Art and Culture Studies (Figure Painting Atelier), Water-based Material Painting. Within the departments are 16 programs: Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Printmaking, Watercolour, Oil Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Filming, Environmental Design, Urban Planning and Design, Dyeing Design, Garment Design, Fibre Design, Industrial Products Design, Art History and Theory Study, Culture Communication. The Dalian campus houses 2 programs of Art Design and Animation. The campus started recruiting undergraduate students in 2011. Art Design includes graphics design, Multimedia, Exposition design, Decoration and Ornament and Ceramics. Animation contains Animated Movie, Animated Games, animated interaction and Animation Initiatives. The daily operation of the campus is run in the pattern of Fundamental courses + Professional Education + Atelier. New intakes will go through a year¡¯s course of basic training executed by the Fundamental Courses Department, and will participate relevant ateliers in an elective way to complete the curricular subjects. The students will continue, in the third year, their learning voluntarily in different ateliers. This is done on mutual-selective and academic - achievements basis, and selection of programs is executed within the framework of their respective majors. Currently there are three design departments in the campus:? Graphics, Multimedia and Expo Design Department; Animation Department and Decorative, ornamental and Ceramics Design Department. The interdisciplinary ateliers of contemporary art, public art, new media and information design have commenced their master programs.

All programs of LAFA are authorized to confer bachelor and master degrees to students. The disciplines of fine arts and design are provincial models. Art theory is a provincial key program of the philosophical and sociological category. Of the seven programs that can confer bachelor degree, the painting program is acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as the National Experimental Ground of Characterized Program. The academy¡¯s art design program was established the earliest in the nation and the animation program recognized by the Ministry of Education as the Experimental Ground of Characterized Program. Industrial Products Design Department possesses a national demonstration centre of teaching and experimenting and is blessed with provincial-level faculty. Sculpture Program is the Characterized Program of provincial level thanks to its provincial level faculty. The Photography Program was the earliest in the country to recruit undergraduate and master students.

The academy is blessed with a faculty of quality, competence and rational-composition. Of its 499 faculty members, 56 are professors, 120 assistant professors, 156 lecturers and 101 teaching assistants. 27 of our faculty members have doctor degrees. In addition, there is a batch of retired heavy-weight artists from both home and overseas still playing their due roles in the many programs. 12 of our specialists are entitled to State Council Subsidy.

The academy is both a prominent institution of higher education, and a base for art creation, design and studies. The academy tops the list of art academies in China in its participating rates and prize-winning rate at the various art exhibitions of the country. China Art Gallery, China History Museum and China Military Museum all have collection of works by LAFA faculty and students. The academy is a leader in the creation of large-scale works of historic themes. Panorama is a hallmark of its capacity in such creations. Designers of LAFA have made great contribution to the cultural life of the communities. Their efforts in the expansion of the Memorial of Nanjing Massacre and a great number of other museums are nationally recognized and eulogized. 35 of the design projects LAFA involved in have been made the National Base of Patriotism Education by the CPC Central Publicity Department. In 2010, LAFA was awarded by the Ministry of Education as the Educational Base of Art Classics for Patriotism.

¡°To Play up the LAC Tradition, and to Insist on Innovation¡± is the foundation underlies the development of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. And it is the fundamental mission of LAFA to educate, based on socialist principles, young people of all-around talents, of strong sense of social responsibility and of creative capabilities. LAFA has been, regarding education, persistently keeping pace with the progress of the time. It attaches importance to the training of essential techniques and the configuration of well-integrated educational structure. The practical teaching is targeted at the reflection of real life and the social restructuring. The students are encouraged to dig into the artistic trend of the times and to express with an artistic language of individuality and contemporaneity. In the development of disciplines, LAFA advocates the interaction and mutual-complementation between social science, design and fine arts so as to establish a talent-nourishing format of LAFA characteristics.

LAFA has turned out, through the years, a great number of art talents, who are welcomed both by the communities they serve and by the professional entities, many of them the leading lights in fine arts and design. Also LAFA is the maker of numerous art works and design projects of great influence therefore it has gained a fame in the fine arts and design field.
¡°The Panorama of Fine Arts¡±, a bimonthly journal masterminded by LAFA and debuted in 1980 has great reputation in and out of China. It has won a cluster of glories: the A-class Journal in Chinese Language, the Outstanding Sociology Journal of the Nation, Core Journal of Liaoning Province.
LAFA has established sister relationship with 21 prestigious higher educational institutions in other countries, which serves as the platform on which numerous inter-school academic and personnel exchanges are conducted.

As the 21th century unfolds, LAFA continues to follow up the fine tradition of LAC and to foster an excellent environment and ambience for the cultivation of art talents. It will keep a keen observation of our times independently and critically. By blending the merits of Chinese and Western concepts of fine arts, it will create wonderful and characterized condition for art education. And by doing so, LAFA will consolidate its ranking among the art colleges in China and will strive to attain the objective of an internationally prominent art institution.¡ö